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UfcHRzK0S3m41OKSFvmvSA - Trinity Suriano
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Trinity Suriano

Year: 3rd

Major: Psychology minor in Deaf Education

Hometown: Escalon, CA

Career Objective: Special Education Teacher

Interest in the Big and Little Program? Maybe

As much as I wish I was lying, I HATE seafood. I've tried it so many times and just can't force myself to like it. My favorite foods include chicken nuggets, lasagna, and really any Italian food. I like exploring new music and I'm always trying out new styles. Whenever I have the time I like to go home and spend time with family, find new places to go (Rainbow Pools is one of my favorites), and mostly hang out with friends. I've had lots of fun jobs and others that I didn't like so much. My favorite is my current job as a Teacher's Assistant at SJSU's Child Development Center. I also love my leadership roles I have on campus such as being an RA.

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