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Sydnie Rudd

Year: 4th

Major: Sociology with a concentration in social interaction

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA

Career Objective: To become an elementary school teacher!

Interest in the Big and Little Program? No

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DZ3 - Sydnie Rudd.jpeg

My hobbies include hiking, watching Netflix, attending country concerts (I am a HUGE country fan!!!), and I really enjoy school! After I graduate (Spring 2019), I am going to get my Masters in Multiple Subject Teaching to be an elementary school teacher! I'm really passionate about helping children and making a difference! I love to have fun and hang out with my friends but I also love to stay in and just have movie or game night! I also am a sun child! I absolutely love warm weather and love when summer rolls around! I am also freakin' obsessed with Taylor Swift!!! An interesting fact about me is that I am a triplet! My identical sister goes to school here at SJSU and she is also in DZ! My other sister, unfortunately does not go to SJSU, because she plays basketball at CSU Stanislaus! I am so close with my sisters, we are one in the same! Another interesting fact about me is that I have 12 piercings! One more interesting fact about me is that I'm vegetarian! :) Other than that, I am both an extrovert and an introvert! I love to have a good time with friends, but I also like to stay in and watch my shows!

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