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I joined Delta Zeta because of the light and purpose that each member in the house shines out. Whether it is your first time meeting a sister or it's your best friend the genuine drive that each woman in this house is remarkable. From careers to school to everyday personal goals the amount of support and motivation that this chapter radiates honestly amazes me every day. Delta Zeta has given me opportunities that I would never think imaginable going into college. In both my professional and social life this sorority has shaped me into the person I am today by giving me the confidence to hold leadership positions to giving me a home away from home.

— Jess L., Chapter President

Delta Zeta has given me the friendships and confidence that made me a better woman and my sisters continue to help me grow everyday.

— Marissa H.


I joined Delta Zeta because I love how our philanthropy not only gives back to the community by donating money but also educates and raises awareness for those around us. I continue to stay in Delta Zeta because I met a whole house of sisters who are like-minded and down to — who allow me to be who I truly am. During my whole election for A.S. everyone no matter how busy showed up to support in one way or another. To me, DZ is more than just a sorority it is a safe space and a community!

— Jeanne T.

I joined Delta Zeta because as soon as I walked through the door I felt at home, and welcome. When I first joined I was so shy and was very to myself because I was a young freshman trying to find her way through a big school like SJSU. Being surrounded by such empowering women has made me become the person I am today and taught myself to strive to be my best at anything I do.

— Taylor W.


I joined Delta Zeta because I was able to connect with a group of girls like I never have before. Being able to look up to these amazing people and feel apart of something my freshman year was important to me, especially coming to San Jose not knowing anyone. Meeting girls that I will have a bond with forever is what sisterhood is about and I’m glad it’s with my DZ sisters!

— Izahbella L.

I joined Delta Zeta because I wanted to be involved in more than just school and when I came to the events it felt like home. The girls were so genuine and I honestly felt like they were interested in what I had to say. I stayed because I have met so many amazing women who have inspired me to be the best version of myself. With holding a position in the house I learned better communication skills, time management, and working with others.

— Alina M.


I joined Delta Zeta because I have a personal connection with our philanthropy and I am so grateful to have some awesome sisters in my life.

— Jazmine B.

I joined Delta Zeta for the simple fact that all our sisters are genuine and sweet. As a new member, I always felt welcomed, loved and encouraged. It also has so much diversity where we can all learn from each other. Delta Zeta has also given me my amazing big <3

— Daniela P.

IMG_2648 - erica powell.JPG

I joined delta zeta because I knew this amazing group of girls would help me grow as a person and achieve my highest goals. After joining, I found so much more within delta zeta from the bonds with my sisters and our philanthropy

— Erica P.

I joined Delta Zeta because of the warm and genuine energy everyone gave me during recruitment.

— Gabi P.


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