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Stephanie Rudd

Year: 4th

Major: Sociology with a Concentration in Social Interaction

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA

Career Objective: To work for admissions with a university

Interest in the Big and Little Program? No

I love to watch Netflix on my spare time. My favorite shows are The Vampire Diaries (Damon is my absolute fav!!), The Office, Stranger Things, and Riverdale. I also love to be around my dogs-- I have a puggle named Pennie and a boxer mix named Roxie! Something interesting about me is that I am a triplet. I have two sisters and they are my best friends! I really like to play board games in my free time! My favorite game is Spicy Uno! An interest of mine is to get into grad school and get a degree in Higher Education, Student Affairs so I can work with admissions and/or academic advising :) I also love iced coffee! I am a huge Disney fan! I'm always down to go to Disneyland! My favorite characters are Minnie Mouse and Rapunzel :)

I dislike cold weather and the rain! I would rather it be hot outside than cold! I also dislike when pineapple is on pizza I don't think fruit belongs on pizza lol!

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