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Meet Our New Alumnae

Here are our Fall 2017 alumnae! We couldn't be more proud to have had them in our sisterhood and we look forward to seeing where life takes each one of them! Below is some information about each one of them including their plans after SJSU/Delta Zeta, their favorite memories, and more!

Our first Senior is Jordan Bolden!

Jordan joined Gamma Lambda Chapter in Spring 2016. Her plan is to go to grad school after she graduates. Some of her best memories of Delta Zeta are socials and going wine tasting with sisters. She also represented our chapter in Alpha Phi’s Queen of Hearts competition, where she received the top prize due to her dedication in raising the most funds for the Women’s Heart Foundation. This gave her the opportunity to not only represent our house with her title as "Queen of Hearts" for a year, but it also drew her closer to the women of Alpha Phi. Long term, Jordan plans to open her own property management business, as she has always been interested in property management and working for herself.

Our next senior Sonia Cardenas!

Sonia is a Sociology major, with a minor in Justice Studies. Throughout her journey at San Jose State, which began in fall 2013, it wasn’t until fall 2014 that she joined Delta Zeta. As a member, she had the opportunity to serve as House Manager, be on recruitment committees, represented her class on our Standards Committee, was a guard, and ended her time in Delta Zeta as the Vice President of Membership. She is thankful for the friendships that she has found and will take with her in the years following her membership. After graduation, she will take a brief break to travel and take the GRE before starting graduate school. She hopes to pursue a master’s degree Public Administration and Counseling.

Next up is Natalie Dang!

Natalie joined Delta Zeta during the spring semester of 2015. Her favorite memory was when she ran for Pike's Garnet and Gold girl and had the entire house come out to support her in raising funds for their philanthropy. After going alum, she still plans on continuing her studies at San Jose State University. Natalie hopes to graduate with an Accounting concentration in fall 2018. After graduation, she plans to travel to Japan and then go to graduate school for her Master's Degree in Accounting.

Our next alumna is Amber Garner!

Amber joined Delta Zeta in the Spring of 2015. Her plans after graduation are to travel, prepare for the GRE, and apply to graduate school. Amber has shown her participation in San Jose State life as well, taking on many leadership roles in clubs on campus, serving as the President of the Health Science Learning Club, site coordinator for ProjectSHINE, Treasurer of Cough SJSU, and as a general member of the Health Science Honor Society. Her favorite Delta Zeta memories would be going to Cabo and Vegas with her sisters, as well as going wine tasting with them.

Meet Kate Keane!

Kate is so excited to start this new chapter in her life! She will bring along the memories and great people that San Jose State University and Delta Zeta have brought into her life! During her time in Delta Zeta, Kate took on the responsibility of teaching our newest members the values and key principles of our organization, when she served as an assistant to our Vice President of New Member Education this semester. Kate will be moving back to Southern California and she will be splitting her time between substituting for elementary school and teaching for preschool until the fall semester, then she will go back to school to get her credentials and Master's in Special Education.

Here is Emily McDonald!

Emily will be graduating in the Spring of 2018 with her Bachelor's in Psychology. Her plan is to travel after her graduation, before starting graduate or law school. One of Emily's biggest adventures during college was being able to take a semester to study abroad in Ireland, where she also got to see many other countries. During her involvement with the Gamma Lambda Chapter, Emily served as the head of our nominations and elections board for newly appointed officers, and she assisted the Vice President of New Member Education. Some of her favorite memories in Delta Zeta are getting initiated, finding out her big and , going on trips with sisters, and the sisterhood retreat camping trip!

Another senior we are sad to see go is Terry Sio!

Terry joined Delta Zeta in Spring 2015 and, as she said, it was the best decision of her life. She met some of the greatest and kindest people, whom she has had the pleasure of calling her sisters. She can’t thank this sorority enough for giving her leadership opportunities and shaping her into a better leader/person. One of her favorite memories would be Big and Little reveal. It was so fun popping out of the box and being able to officially call my little, Little; she’s her little ray of sunshine. Her next favorite memory would be running back into the arms of our president, Talia, after formal recruitment. It was so hard being disassociated with DZ when she was a recruitment counselor. Terry was in tears after she revealed her house because she had missed them so much. After she graduates, Terry plans on finding a job to get more experience in the finance field. A few years later, she wants to go back to graduate school and get her Master's in MBA, and then eventually become a Certified Financial Analyst!

Get to know our next senior Andrea Shteynberg!

Andrea joined Delta Zeta in Fall 2016. After graduation she plans to apply to graduate schools for Human Factors and Ergonomic Programs. Some of her favorite memories from Delta Zeta are her first sisterhood retreat, where she really got to know her big, Sarah, and close friend, Nikki. She also enjoyed all of the crafting and Spring Recruitment, when we got to do activities with all of the ladies interested in joining our house. One of her favorite events was when we held our Philanthropy, Turtle Bowl, and raised money for Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Our last senior is Victoria Skrzypiec!

Victoria joined our chapter in Fall 2016. After going alum, she plans on continuing her Nursing Undergraduate Studies and preparing for graduation in Spring 2019. She hopes to get a job in the mean time as a Certified Nursing Assistant, so she can get more hands-on experience in a hospital setting. She will also focus more of her efforts into being an active member in CNSA, PHNC, and SBAN (nursing clubs/organizations). Victoria's ultimate goal after graduating is to pass the NCLEX and work as a Registered Nurse in a NICU or L&D unit. Her favorite DZ memories include our latest New Member Dance, Fall Recruitment, and our sisterhood retreat because fun is always guaranteed when you’re surrounded by sisters!

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