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Vic for Diamond Girl 2017

Our last candidate for Diamond Girl is Vic!

Victoriana Nunez is from Delta Gamma and is thrilled to represent her sorority in Delta Zeta's Turtle Bowl! She is a third year Public Relations major with a double minor in Communication Studies and Political Science. Vic was born and raised on the Central Coast, and was drawn to San Jose State for the amazing opportunities the Silicon Valley has to offer. In her spare time she loves to hang out with friends, hike or simply get out in nature, and she is obsessed with traveling.

Her reasoning behind running for Delta Zeta's philanthropy comes from a very personal level. Having a grandfather that suffers from deafness in one ear and failing hearing in the other ear, Vic worries that he will not be able to hear his loved ones last goodbyes to him as he gets older. That being said she couldn’t be more excited to raise money for a philanthropy that she holds so close to her heart. Vic expressed that she can't wait to introduce her awesome sisters to the amazing women of Delta Zeta! She looks forward to getting to know each and every single one of the sisters of Delta Zeta on a more personal level!

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