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Hilario for Diamond Stud 2017

Time to meet our next Diamond Stud candidate, Hilario!

Hilario Quintero is a third year Pre-Nursing major from San Francisco. He wants to continue on with this program and become a part of the Nursing major program next month. In his free time, Hilario enjoys listening to jazz music and lifting weights at the gym.

Hilario is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and wanted to get more involved in Greek life by deciding to run for Delta Zeta's philanthropy. He has made a few close relationships, with some of the women who have been and are currently in the house, and would like to make more friendships with the women he has not yet met. This is what pushed him to run for Delta Zeta's Diamond Stud, as well as, his belief in how great of a cause that Starkey Hearing Foundation is.

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