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Nicole for Diamond Girl 2017

Our next competitor in this year's Turtle Bowl is Nicole!

Nicole Ferreira is from Fremont, California and is a third year Psychology major, minoring in Human Rights. She joined Alpha Phi in Fall 2015 and is currently Alpha Phi's Sunshine Chair. Eventually, Nicole would like to obtain a PH.D and work as a psychologist. Her future goal is to run her own practice.

Her favorite food is Popeye's biscuits with honey and Boba (peach oolong tea being her favorite). When Nicole is not dutifully studying, she likes to spend her time going to new coffee shops and going to concerts!

She has work experience as an ABA therapist, which involves working with children on the Autism spectrum and is currently working with children with Down Syndrome. Through her many interactions with children with disabilities, Nicole is really excited to give back through the Starkey Hearing Foundation while running for Delta Zeta's Diamond Girl!

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