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Van for Diamond Stud 2017

Introducing Van Pham, our next candidate for Diamond Stud!

Van Pham is the candidate from Alpha Sigma Phi. He is a third year at San Jose State University, studying business with a concentration in Management Information Systems. Currently, he is a Residential Advisor for CVC and his interests include traveling, and trying out new foods. Some of the places he has traveled to are Vietnam, Japan, Germany, France, and a few other countries in Asia and Europe.

The reason that Van chose Delta Zeta's philanthropy is because he has always wanted to participate in a philanthropy, in order to be able to step out of his comfort zone. Van shared that he was never the type of person to even join a fraternity, but he ended up changing his mind. Also, Van has people in his life that are deaf or hard of hearing and he would love to be able to raise awareness and money for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, so that people who are impacted by this disability can receive the care that they need.

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