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Tyler for Diamond Stud 2017

It is now time to shed some light on our next candidate for Diamond Stud, Tyler!

Tyler Haye is a 4th year Corporate Finance Major, with a concentration in Real Estate, and is a brother of Sigma Nu Fraternity. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Some of the hobbies that keep him sane during the school year include exercising, paper trading stocks, roasting, attending concerts with friends, and meeting new people.

Tyler's motivation for running for Diamond Stud for Delta Zeta's Turtle Bowl is that he has been interested in charity and philanthropy since he was in high school. During that time, he spent many hours raising awareness and money for the American Cancer Society and Los Angeles department of Mental Health. Being in Greek life at San Jose State has provided him with various philanthropic options. However, Tyler embraced Delta Zeta's philanthropy because his girlfriend and close friends, who are current members of Delta Zeta, introduced him to the members of the chapter. This inspired him to try and form a great, long-lasting relationship between these two chapters!


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