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Meaghan for Diamond Girl 2017

Next up in the draft is Meaghan Sterk!

Meaghan joined Kappa Delta in Fall 2016 and currently serves as their Academics Excellence Chair. She is a sophomore at San Jose State and is majoring in Communication Studies. So far, she has really loved her college experience, especially coming from a small rural town.

One of Meaghan's

favorite things to do in San Jose are to explore and find new places to eat because who doesn't love food?! She really likes to play tennis, watch Netflix, and pin things on Pinterest like all of her fandoms, food, and crafts.

She is excited to meet new people so that she can be a part of a larger community, and learn about the new place she lives in. This is one of the reasons why Meaghan wanted to participate in Delta Zeta’s philanthropy. Last year she realized that she kept herself in her own bubble that she had created within her sisterhood. Meaghan knew a handful of DZ’s, but knew that she wanted to grow closer to the chapter.

When she heard about Turtle Bowl and the causes the raised funds went toward, Meaghan was touched. She stated that she could not imagine living in a world without sound, without music, or without laughter. She said that she would not know how she would get through the day without those things. This is why she wants to help raise money for the Starkey Foundation-to help them give the gift of hearing, so that people around the world will be able to hear the laughter of their loved ones around them.

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