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Joe for Diamond Stud 2017

Another candidate for Diamond Stud is Joe Ordaz!

Joe is currently a 3rd year Business Administration major, with a concentration in Management Information. He is originally from Inglewood, down in Southern California.

The reason why Joe chose to come to San Jose State was to get a better feel of the real world and to obtain a higher education, since he is a first-generation college student. Growing up he was not the most involved person in his various communities. For this reason, Joe became a part of Pi Kappa Phi, and is now running for Delta Zeta’s Philanthropy. The Philanthropy of Pi Kappa Phi is called The Ability Experience. In their Philanthropy, they bring awareness of people with disabilities, but they also focus on the abilities that those people have. Pi Kappa Phi strives to recognize people not by their disability, but about who they are.

Joe saw that Delta Zeta's philanthropy was Speech and Hearing and, along with the ideals of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, saw it as a good way to bring awareness about people with disabilities. He also saw it as an opportunity to show how valuable these people actually are. In a way, by participating, he feels that he will help both of our organizations bring awareness and create a change.

In his free time, Joe likes to go on long bike rides to help distract his mind. He enjoys watching anime and analyzing the deeper meaning behind the shows. He also enjoys helping people and giving people an extra ear when needed. Joe likes to go out of his way to ensure that people are doing well. If anyone reading this ever needs extra support, Joe wants you to feel free to reach out to him because he would be more than glad to assist!

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