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Heart for Hearing

The National Council of Delta Zeta Sorority has announced Heart for Hearing Day to be celebrated every year on May 2. Heart for Hearing Day coincides with the start of Better Hearing and Speech Month, which is a national effort to raise awareness about communications disorders.

As members, we are constantly inspired by the work of our national philanthropy partners, but on this special day we aim to spread the awareness and inspiration even farther. The spirit of Heart for Hearing day truly starts with belonging.

“Doing something together is the essence of belonging. We can do a lot of things alone, but we know we belong to something when we’re doing a shared thing. Everyone who belongs is doing that thing with a sense of shared purpose.”

As a Delta Zeta, I am honored to share this day of sisterhood, love, and appreciation with not only my chapter, but also the other hundred Delta Zeta chapters around the nation. As we join hands, we become empowered with one cause and one goal. Together, we will work to bring awareness to communication disorders and to the global impact Delta Zeta is making in its partnership with Starkey Hearing Foundation.

As the Vice President of Philanthropy, I am blessed with the opportunity to give back. Delta Zeta Foundation helps women grow as global citizens and I feel the direct benefits of that. I am grateful to be in an organization that works hard not only for speech and hearing, but for its members as well. Delta Zeta has given me the tools and means to achieve my personal goals. The gift of hearing is not appreciated enough, but the lack of it is pitied. I am personally working hard to bring an end to that stigma and create a loving environment for our local deaf communities. I believe that with the celebration of Heart for Hearing day, we can spread not only awareness, but love as well.

So today, on Heart for Hearing Day and give thanks, spread love, and show your support!

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