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First Garnet and Gold Girl is Ours!

About 4 weeks ago, I was given an amazing opportunity to help raise money and awareness for San Jose's Burn Foundation. During this week long philanthropy event put on by the men of Pi Kappa Alpha, I was able to represent Delta Zeta as one of Pike's Garnet and Gold Girl candidates. Myself and four other Panhellenic women came together to help raise an overwhelming total of $16,000. As someone who is known for being more reserved, running for Garnet and Gold Girl was an opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone. I remember the moment when I came home from chapter after officially accepting the candidacy offer. I sat in my room and felt an enormous wave of mixed emotions, all at once I was anxious, nervous, scared, but also extremely excited and ready for the challenge! I have had a unique experience at Delta Zeta, due to a family emergency, I had to take time away to focus on the needs of my family, and returned after a break to a chapter where only a handful of the women who were members when I joined remain. Not knowing the majority of the current members, I was anxious but I felt so much love and support from the entire group of women. It filled my heart with joy seeing everyone root for me when I was having doubts about my candidacy.

On the very last day of Pike's Fireman Challenge nearly every Delta Zeta showed up to Field Day! Although winning the title of Pike's Garnet & Gold Girl was the cherry on top to everything, I truly believe that without the immense support from all the women in the house, I really would not have been able to win. I could not be any happier to be in a house full of amazing and ambitious ladies that I get to call my sisters! I am truly honored and blessed to not only be Pike's very first Garnet and Gold Girl, but also to call Delta Zeta my home.

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