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President's Academy

President's Academy made me fall in love with DZ all over again and I am so excited to share my love with the rest of you.

I never truly understood how big this organization was until I was in a room full of 150+ presidents from around the nation.

I had the opportunity to be apart of President's Academy, a weekend training conference that takes place in Dallas and is attended by every Delta Zeta president, in February and I loved every second of it. Leaving at 4:30 in the morning to head over to the airport definitely was not the best part of my trip, but it was the beginning of something really special. After a month into my presidency, I had a mix of emotions about my transition, and was starting to feel a little nervous about my being a younger sister in our chapter and how that might affect my being president. After meeting all of the amazing leaders from Delta Zeta chapters all over the country, there is no doubt in my mind that I can do it.

Entering the conference was a little intimidating because I didn't know what to expect. I instantly assumed that other chapter leaders were older and had more sorority experience than me. As the weekend progressed, and I began to interact with different presidents and alumnae from across the nation, my confidence instantly increased. I was naturally drawn to the presidents from California since they understand the environment I live in.

Some presidents have dealt with very similar situations as I have and some have had drastically different experiences--the greatest opportunity President's Academy gives us is to share and learn, and in turn grow with the help of others with the same responsibility and position. I have learned from their overcoming obstacles and their well deserved success. I was not only inspired and in awe with Delta Zeta as an organization, but with all the wonderful women that make DZ run. From our alumnae College Chapter Directors to our presidents, I learned so much from each woman I had the privilege of meeting.

The best thing I learned at President's Academy is that every chapter of Delta Zeta has different needs, strengths and areas to improve on, and to trust in myself that I have all the tools to lead our chapter at SJSU to growing it's nearly 70 years of sisterhood.

(Our President Talia and CCD Sarah)

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