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Kristine Nguyen

Year: 4th

Major: Public Health Major, Kinesiology Minor

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA

Career Objective: Physician Assistant

Interest in the Big and Little Program? No

I love lilo and stitch. I love to go on spontaneous trips and adventures. I love trying out new things as well as new foods and boba. Bobaholic. I love matcha. I like to play basketball and volleyball and being active. I sometimes go to the gym to be fit and have a nice body and butt. I love to watch Grey's Anatomy and starting to like Blindspot. I like to listen to R&B and rap. I like Ella Mai and her song "Trip" is A1. MO BAMBA is the shiiii with my bestie Serena Simoes. I like to take naps and go shopping and spend time with my sisters as well as my littles. I love to be ratchet af and be extra because that's who I am in life so if people do not like that, "thank you, next". I love to help people in any way and always want to put a smile on their face and brighten up their day. I like going to music festivals with friends and sisters and enjoy their presence.

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