Jaire SAndoval

Year: 3rd

Major: Social Work

Hometown: Hayward, CA

Career Objective: Child Protective Services

Interest in the Big and Little Program? Yes

Hey boos :) I am currently a third year at SJSU. I love my major and have always dreamed of helping children who are in need.I am very family orientated and go back home to visit my parents a lot. My hobbies are to Netflix, listen to music, go hiking, go on adventures with my sisters, and cuddle with mi novio. I love baked hot cheetos and green grapes! I dislike chocolate and red meat. My favorite artists of all time is Selena, Jenni Rivera, and Alicia Keys. I love DZ and am happy of the lasting friendships this sorority has brought me hehe.


148 S. 11th St.

San Jose, CA 95112

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