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1qIQmy+WRMy6qPwc1G3ZtA - Cassie Beltran.
IMG_7435 - Cassie Beltran.jpg
IMG_0840 - Cassie Beltran.JPG

Cassandra Beltran

Year: 1st

Major: Art/Photography however, switching to BS Advertising (Creative Track)

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Career Objective: To be determined.

Interest in the Big and Little Program? No

Wassupp! I love art and obsessed with photography! I love traveling and going to little adventures with my friends. My favorite season is winter because I love taking hot showers. I love going to concerts, festivals, and raves. I enjoy trying new foods and eating oreos lol. I dislike vegetables and anything that is too sour :)

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