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Brooke Whiting

Year: 3rd

Major: Communication Studies with a minor in Event Management

Hometown: Yuba City, CA

Career Objective: Event Planner


Hi there! My name is Brooke (or commonly known as Brooklynnn, Brooklit, or Brooklyft)! One fun fact about me is that I love to travel (I don't just say it, I do it). I have been to Africa, France, and will be studying abroad in Berlin this summer. A few of my favorite musical artists that I hope to see in concert soon are Khalid, Kehlani, and Halsey. I currently work at Peer Connections on campus as a Peer Mentor with a few other sisters. Some of my favorite foods or snacks are boba, pasta, poke, and anything made from a potato. I love binge watching shows some being How I Met Your Mother and OITNB. On any given day you could probably catch me with my little Alyssa, Haley, or Miranda.

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